Outpatient Nutrition and Lactation Services

Lactation services include general breast-feeding assistance, as well as assistance with issues such as a poor latch, inadequate milk supply, determining the amount of milk transferred while at the breast and measuring the fat and calorie content of breast milk. Assistance also is available for expressing breast milk using a pump.

Nutrition services include evaluation and counseling for a wide variety of concerns related to nutrition and intake. From newborn needs through teenage years, nutritionists are available to consult on breast- or formula feeding, food allergies, poor growth or inadequate weight gain, reflux, celiac or other gastrointestinal diseases, obesity and weight control, and other conditions or risk factors requiring nutritional intervention or diet modification.

Classes are held regularly on various topics about nutrition. See the schedule.

Contact Janet Dishion(502) 446-5252, registered dietitian, certified nutritionist and certified lactation counselor, for more information about our nutrition and lactation services or to set up an appointment.

A physician referral is recommended. Call (502) 446-5252 for information.