Original Artwork

KMAC Partners with Hospital to Provide Original Artwork for Kosair Children's Medical Center - Brownsboro
Kosair Children’s Hospital Patients Participated in a Workshop to Create Permanent Art for New Facility

Louisville, KY – Local artists Shayne Hull and John McCarthy lead workshops in January at the Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft (KMAC) where children who have a connection with Kosair Children’s Hospital created two wall art pieces which will be permanently installed at Kosair Children’s Medical Center – Brownsboro, Kentucky’s first pediatric outpatient center located in northeast Jefferson County. Additionally, three other local artists, Brooke White, Bryan Holden and Tom Pfannerstill, were also commissioned through the Museum to provide original artwork in public areas of the facility.

“Art serves as a creative outlet for kids to express their emotions and concerns. During difficult times, working with art therapists allows parents and siblings to express feelings they may not be able to share verbally.” said Elizabeth Sanders, art therapist at Kosair Children’s Hospital. “By engaging children in art projects for Kosair Children’s Medical Center – Brownsboro, we’re giving children an opportunity to express happy emotions while being part of something lasting that will help other children during their own medical experiences.”

John McCarthy lead a group of 15-20 children ages 8-12 in a workshop where they created 48 hand-sculpted ceramic dome bubbles with illustrations transferred into each. After the bubbles were complete they were mounted on aluminum and will float across the 29 foot wall of the emergency department waiting area at the outpatient medical center. The piece are inspired by happy times in the children’s lives, with the intention of invoking positive and calming thoughts to its viewers.

“We use bubbles as a form of therapy to help children improve lung function during asthma treatments, after surgery or as part of recovery from heart procedures,” said Elizabeth Sanders Martin, art therapist at Kosair Children’s Hospital. “The use of happy bubbles in this art piece are representative of therapeutic treatment as well as positive healing thoughts.” 
Shayne Hull worked with a group of 8-10 young adults who painted colored glazes on approximately 640 tiles to create a “ribbon mosaic” art piece, which now encompasses the 22 feet of wall space in another waiting area at the medical center.

“By including patients, parents, and siblings in these art projects we are extending the same family-centered care approach we use in the clinical setting to the creation of aesthetic pieces for the new medical center,” said Martin.

Artists Brook White and Bryan Holden worked together to create a spiraling metal and glass sculpted piece for the medical center’s entryway, and Tom Pfannerstill created a painted mixed media wall installation for the emergency waiting area.

Kosair Children’s Medical Center – Brownsboro is designed with a layout that is friendly for children, teens, young adults and their families. These elements include vibrant colors; a dedicated 4-foot-high door at the main entrance; oversized treatment areas to allow parents to stay with their children; an indoor playroom and other “children only” areas and many special features to make the facility and treatments less “scary” for children. The original artwork commissioned through KMAC’s Corporate Art Department will contribute to these special features by incorporating artistic interpretations of streams of air, ribbons of life and rays of light. 

The Corporate Sales Department of the Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft provides Kentucky artists with an opportunity to be showcased in a corporate setting. The Corporate Sales team has extensive experience in working with companies who are developing a new building, undergoing a renovation, or upgrading an outdoor space to provide custom-made works of art to enhance public reception areas, boardrooms, executive offices or outdoor landscapes. Working with the Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft on corporate projects is an integral way to support a vital economic and cultural resource of the Commonwealth while showing your appreciation for the talented artists of Kentucky.

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