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Name Specialties      
Warren, Jamie  Oral & Maxillofacial     NewPatients  
Watson, Angie  Obstetrics/Gynecology   Norton NewPatients  
Watson-Reese, Amy  Neonatology     NewPatients  
Weisenauer, Chad  General Surgery     NewPatients  
Wendelin, Daniel  Dermatology     NewPatients  
West, Andrew  Dermatology     NewPatients  
Wetherton, Diane  Pediatrician     NewPatients  
White, Lisa  Neonatology     NewPatients  
Whitmore, Nathan  Internal Medicine
Norton NewPatients  
Wiesenauer, Chad  General Surgery     NewPatients  
Winner, Selma  Pediatrician   Norton NewPatients  
Winstead, Welby  Otolaryngology     NewPatients  
Wintergerst, Kupper  Endocrinology     NewPatients  
Woods, Charles  Infectious Diseases     NewPatients  
Wright, Lucinda  Cardiology     NewPatients  
Yeager, David  Orthopaedic Surgery   Norton NewPatients  
Yeager, Laura  Internal Medicine   Norton    
Yerasimides, Jonathan  Orthopaedic Surgery   Norton NewPatients  
Zieba, Pawel  Neonatology   Norton NewPatients