Festival Committee


Festival of Trees & Lights Committee

Mike Garvey

Pickup and delivery chair 
Sherrill Zimmerman

Tri-chair/incoming chair
Grace Patterson

Preview Party chair 
Jane Allen

Tri-chair/immediate past chair 
Cliff Brownmiller

Preview Party committee 
Lana Berger
Barbara Nagaraj
Gayle Walters Warren

2-foot tree co-chairs 
Brenda McGrath

Sales desk tri-chairs  
Candice Delaney

Caroline Sterpka

Jacqueline Klein

3-foot tree co-chairs 
Rhonda Raderer

Meredith Durbin

Vicki Basham

Scouts and scavenger hunt chair 
Carol Bennett-Brown

4-foot tree chair 
Crystal Meredith

Secret Santa Shop co-chairs  
Cindy Flynn-Piela

Children’s activities tri-chairs 
Krishanda Potter

Paula Battcher

Sheri Cannon Dasgupta

Site chair 
Fred Bergmann

Jennifer Reece

Software chair 
Dave Conway

Décor co-chairs  
Bruce Hardy

Sweet Shop tri-chairs  
Michelle Anderson

Grace Patterson

Tami Herrold

Dickens Family Night co-chairs 
Michele Henderson

Debra Hare

Amy Perpich

John Bowman

Entertainment co-chairs

John Manning

Brian Weir

Gift shop buyer 
Shirley Whitehouse

Herman Weir

Gift shop manager 
Sam Miller

Volunteer chair 
Donna Kelly

Hospitality co-chairs 
Jackie Cain

Volunteer food chair 
Susan Lancaster

Sharon Stayton

Realtor Row chair; wreath/greenery co-chair
Grace Patterson

Large tree co-chairs
Lauren Coulter

Wreath/greenery co-chair
Linda Moorehead 

DeAnna Brangers

Youth designers chair 
Sarah Walther

Louisville Business Row chair 
Courtney Jeter