Allergy and Immunology

Kosair Children's Hospital provides general diagnosis and treatment of allergic diseases including:

  • Allergic atopic dermatitis (eczema)
  • Allergic rhinitis (hay fever)
  • Asthma
  • Food, drug, stinging insect allergies
  • Hives (uticaria)
  • Primary immune deficiency disorders (children with recurring infections)
  • Sinusitis

Asthma Management

We provide comprehensive treatment for recurrent, severe or chronic asthma by using innovative therapies, including health education for self-management. Teaching sessions are provided to patients and families by the asthma team, which consists of physicians and nurse specialists. Kosair Children's Hospital helped start Kentucky's first asthma camp.

We offer comprehensive asthma disease management involving:

  • Identification and testing for triggers in the environment
  • Education, including development of asthma critical paths for the hospital
  • Ongoing research in adherence and compliance in patients
  • Ongoing research in new drug development for allergy and asthma

Specific services provided include:

  • Skin testing to determine allergy to inhalants, foods, drugs and stinging insects
  • Pulmonary function testing for evaluation of asthma
  • Education of patients and families related to asthma, allergic disease and avoidance of environmental allergens and triggers

As Kentucky's only free standing, tertiary care facility dedicated to caring for children, Kosair Children's Hospital offers comprehensive pediatric medical services and treatment programs in a child-friendly atmosphere. 

Learn how other kids are coping with these conditions.

For more information on our Allergy and Immunology Services, call (502) 629-6000.

Childhood Asthma

Watch and learn about the challenges of childhood asthma and how they are addressed at Kosair Children’s Hospital.

According to the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunization, an estimated 50 million Americans have some type of allergy. In most cases allergies first appear during infancy or childhood.

Jackie Hays has more on pediatric allergies and treatment in this Get Healthy report. Allergies rank first among children's chronic diseases.

Any child may become allergic, but children from families with a history of allergies are more likely to be allergic.