Shunt-dependent Home Monitoring

Caring for a child after a Norwood procedure or placement of a Blalock-Taussig shunt

Because your child has a special connection or shunt in the heart to help take blood to the lungs to get oxygen, your child is dependent on that connection to get oxygenated blood to all parts of the body. Kosair Children's Hospital offers a shunt-dependent home monitoring program to help parents and caregivers provide at-home care for children who have had a Norwood procedure or placement of a BT shunt.

The program includes:

  • Special forms to record and track your child's feedings, weight, oxygen saturations and heart rate
  • Education to help you determine when to call the doctor and when to visit the emergency department
  • Information to help identify each physician's role in your child's care, such as the surgeon, cardiologist, neonatologist and pediatrician
  • Contact information for the cardiology nurse at Kosair Children's Hospital
  • A home monitoring folder to bring to follow-up appointments

While the shunt home monitoring program can serve as a guide, every child is different. You will receive instructions specific to your child's condition before you leave the hospital. Be sure you fully understand how to take care of your child's special needs before discharge. After you go home, you will receive weekly follow-up phone calls and ongoing support from the cardiovascular nursing team.

For more information about the shunt-dependent home monitoring program speak with your child's cardiology team.