Rheumatology/ Adolescent Medicine Services

The Pediatric Rheumatology and Adolescent Medicine service at Kosair Children's Hospital addresses a number of conditions affecting the bones, muscles and tissues.

Treatment is provided to pediatric patients of all ages with disorders or diseases related to:

  • Complaints of musculoskeletal pain or weakness
  • Suspected connective tissue disorders
  • Suspected autoimmune disorders
  • Sports medicine conditions (non-operative)
  • Eating disorders

Some of the programs developed to help treat conditions include:

  • Consultation
  • Ongoing care or coordination of care
  • Related support services

Excellent support services are available in a variety of other pediatric subspecialties such as:

  • Surgical
  • Medical
  • Imaging
  • Occupational and physical therapy
  • Behavioral services

As Kentucky's only free standing, tertiary care facility dedicated to caring for children, Kosair Children's Hospital offers comprehensive pediatric medical services and treatment programs in a child-friendly atmosphere. 

For more information on our Pediatric Rheumatology and Adolescent services, call (502) 629-6000.