We are not-for-profit organizations of children's hospitals, large pediatric units of medical centers and related health systems, including those that specialize in rehabilitative care of children with serious chronic or congenital illnesses.  We are a voice for health systems devoted to the well-being of America's 70 million children and their families and we work to ensure children's access to health care and the continuing ability of children's hospitals to provide services needed by children.

The National Association of Children's Hospitals and Related Institutions is an organization of children's hospitals with 218 members in the United States, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, Italy, China, Mexico and Puerto Rico.  NACHRI promotes the health and well-being of all children and their families through support of children's hospitals and health systems that are committed to excellence in providing health care to children.  NACHRI works to ensure all children’s access to health care and children's hospitals’ continuing ability to provide services needed by children. Children’s hospitals work to ensure the health of all children through clinical care, research, training and advocacy.

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About N.A.C.H.
The National Association of Children’s Hospitals – N.A.C.H. – is the public policy affiliate of NACHRI.  N.A.C.H. is a trade organization of 141 children’s hospitals and supports children’s hospitals in addressing public policy issues that affect their ability to fulfill their missions to serve children and their families.  N.A.C.H.  fulfills its mission and vision through federal advocacy, collaboration and communication designed to strengthen the ability of children’s hospitals and health systems to influence public policy makers, understand federal and state policy issues, advance access and quality of health care for all children, and sustain financially their missions of clinical care, education, research and advocacy. 
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