Family Advisory Council

We Believe

At Kosair Children's Hospital, we know that a hospital isn't just a building. It is also the people within that building working together to heal our precious children. The Family Advisory Council is looking for members who wish to share in the healing process.

Common Experience
Members of the council all share a common experience - concern for a child who has spent time at Kosair Children's Hospital. Some of these children have a chronic illness that brings them back again and again, while others have only had a short stay. Members come from diverse backgrounds drawn from throughout the region. Regardless of your background, you are welcome at the Family Advisory Council. 


  • Provide children (patients) with the highest quality care and the opportunity for continuing improvement of their health.
  • Strive to be sensitive to the physical, spiritual and emotional needs of our multicultural community.
  • Encourage an environment that creates, evaluates and helps apply an exchange of information between patients, families and staff.
  • Seek to provide the tools that support both families and individuals by identifying opportunities, initiating self-learning and persevering to improve health.

Why Serve on the Council

  • Illness of a child can leave the caregiver feeling helpless. The Family Advisory Council provides family members of patients at Kosair Children's Hospital a powerful voice for positive change within the hospital system.
  • The council enables family members to take an active role in the development of programs that directly impact patients at Kosair Children's Hospital. Members are a resource to guide the hospital's priorities and planning.
  • Members can find camaraderie and support with others who have been personally touched by illness or injury of a child.
  • Members can use their personal experiences with a sick or injured child to help educate medical staff on ways to make hospital experiences as positive as possible.
  • Parents, relatives, caregivers, doctors, nurses and hospital staff from otherwise diverse backgrounds can become partners in care dedicated to promoting excellence at Kosair Children's Hospital.

Contact Information

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