Diagnostic Testing for Kids

At Kosair Children's Hospital and Kosair Children's Medical Center – Brownsboro, our staff of pediatric health care professionals understands that specialized care is important for children. Whether you are visiting because your child needs a diagnostic imaging test, outpatient surgery or another type of procedure, our dedicated pediatric staff knows that children are not just "small adults." Children's bodies are different because they are growing and developing. Diseases affect them differently too. And because most children are not old enough to understand what is happening to them, they require special comforting and gentle expertise when they need to have diagnostic imaging tests and other procedures. We understand that children can be intimidated by the environments where some tests take place. We make every effort to design our exam rooms to be calming and pleasant spaces where equipment that might be threatening to children is visible as little as possible. Our kid-friendly staff is specially trained to help make the process easier for each child when tests and procedures need to be performed.